The book ‘Rule of the Robots: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Everything’ is authored by Martin Ford and was published on September 14th, 2021. This book is for people who want to grasp artificial intelligence to permeate everyday aspects, Martin Ford offers the analogy of electricity. Martin Ford in the book has a comparison that has merit, if only because it offers insight into how much it’s going to change our lives. He admits that it is also a flawed idea because while electricity is universally seen as an agent for good, the same cannot be said of the algorithms that inevitably have the power to invade our privacy, that makes our jobs redundant, launch weapons against us and throws us in prison and arm cyber-terrorists. He compares electricity and AI as fundamentally the same, but not a general-purpose technology. With adaptive, new trends such as AI, a lot depends on who and where you are. There is a compelling logic to Martin Ford’s argument when he says ‘viewing artificial intelligence as the new electricity offers a useful model for thinking how the technology will evolve and ultimately touch nearly every sphere of the economy, culture, and society. AI can help us make the breakthrough that will better prepare us for the next pandemic, at the time of creating bigger wealth divisions, making those rich enough to have stock market investments even richer as share trading becomes AI-powered. The author states that while AI may not be the unambiguous force for good that electricity is, the one set of ideas we can be sure of is that AI is here to stay, and disruptive. Now we need to know both as individuals and society as a whole in a future of our own making. He says that we still tend to see AI as an innovation rather than a technology. So overall the book is a subtle and clearly written one.