How to use this site: overview


Although we have divided the site into conventional topic-based pages, that’s not the way we hope or expect you will use it on a regular basis. The trick is to customize your experience by letting us know what you’re interested in. To do this, just click the green Custom Settings button and you’ll get a choice of all the topics we cover. Once you hit Apply, the home page will refresh to show you only the material related to your choices. It will stay like that until you click the slider button to turn the Custom Settings off. If you register, you can also get this customized content as an RSS feed.


When you put a query in our search engine, you’ll be taken to the research side of the platform. Here, you can do powerful searches to find the kind of content you are looking for. You can search based on your existing Custom Settings or based on Subject Tags, and/or Dates. Under the Search Type button you’ll be able to choose different types of content.



You will be able to contribute to the site by submitting links to new articles or books that you think are appropriate and interesting. You can submit these using the Customize, Help, Submit dropdown and then clicking book or link as appropriate. You can also submit book reviews and other articles. We’re currently updating the way we accept these and so, temporarily, have suspended automated submission. However, if you have something you want to write, please contact Dr Sunny Bains, our Editorial Director.